Label Holders

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  • Self-adhesive or magnetic fixings
  • Instant and highly visible identification
  • Standard sizes supplied from stock
  • Supplied in pre-cut sizes or 1m lengths
  • Supplied with white card and clear PVC strips
Easy to update Barcode scannable Organised inventory, quick item locating Durable PVC Ideal for shelf labelling, bin identification

Self-Adhesive & Magnetic Label Holders

Transform your workplace organisation and efficiency with Beaverswood® Label Holders, the ultimate solution for quick and effective identification. Whether you’re managing a warehouse, organising retail shelves, or setting up an inventory system, our holders will meet the demands of any busy environment.

Two Fixing Options:

  • Self-Adhesive Label Holders: A more permanent fixing option due to the strong adhesive backing. These are great for busy workplaces where labels are updated frequently. Affixes to virtually any flat, sealed surface.
  • Magnetic Label Holders: A flexible option allowing you to lift and relocate the holder’s position as required. Suitable for cold store environments. Secures onto any magnetic receptive steel surface.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Update Design: Featuring a convenient C-channel design, our holders allow for effortless label changes. Slide in a new label from the side to keep your information current without requiring complete holder replacement.
  • Protection and Clarity: Each holder has white card inserts and transparent PVC cover strips, protecting your labels from dirt and damage. They are easily scannable for barcodes, enhancing both durability and functionality. If you require more inserts or PVC covers, look at our card inserts or PVC covers.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for warehouses, offices, libraries, storerooms, and more, our products are designed to support a wide range of workplaces.

Why Use Beaverswood® Label Holders?

Labels are crucial in enhancing identification and efficiency, especially in warehouse operations and inventory management. Our holders make label display easy and clear and ensure longevity and durability, safeguarding your investment and improving workflow.

Custom Solutions for Your Business:

  • Pre-Printed Inserts Available: Our pre-printed inserts feature barcodes and location codes customised to your requirements, further streamlining your process. Contact us for more details.
  • Special Sizes on Demand: Tailor your organisational system perfectly with unique cuts up to 3 meters long, ensuring your holders fit precisely where you need them, no matter the space or surface. Just get in touch!


Can the Label Holders be used on any surface?

The self-adhesive variation can be affixed to virtually any flat, sealed surface, making them versatile for a variety of applications. Magnetic Label Holders, on the other hand, are designed to securely attach to any magnetic receptive steel surface.

How can I attach the label holders?

Options include magnetic or self-adhesive. To apply the label holders:
  1. Clean the surface you're planning to affix the holder to. With the self-adhesive option, this will help the adhesive bond properly.
  2. Apply the label holder to the area by pressing firmly.
  3. Place the card insert within the holder.
  4. Check the information on the card insert can be read and/or scanned properly.

Do they come with any inserts?

Yes, both options come with white card inserts and transparent PVC cover strips as standard, providing immediate usability and protection for your labels against dirt and damage.

Can I scan barcodes through the PVC cover strips?

Absolutely! The transparent PVC cover strips are designed to allow barcode scanning without needing to remove the label from the holder, facilitating efficient and hassle-free inventory management.

What if I need more inserts or PVC covers?

Additional card inserts and PVC covers are available. You can easily order more to suit your ongoing needs, ensuring your labelling system remains operational and effective.

Can Beaverswood® supply pre-printed inserts?

Yes, we offer pre-printed inserts incorporating barcodes and location codes tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist in making your labeling process even more efficient.

Are custom sizes available?

Yes, contact us for custom size inquiries.

Are the label holders reusable?

Yes, they are designed for easy label update and reuse.

What's the difference between ticket holders and label holders?

Inserts for ticket holders are loaded from the top, while those for label holders slide in from the side. Additionally, magnetic label holders offer more flexibility compared to magnetic ticket holders. For long lengths of labelling, ticket holders are recommended due to the ease of top-loading inserts compared to the side-entry method.

How do I choose between Self-Adhesive and Magnetic Label Holders?

The choice depends on your specific needs. Self-Adhesive Holders are best for permanent labelling in stable environments, while Magnetic Holders offer flexibility for frequent updates or relocations, especially in dynamic or temporary setups.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, request a quote for bulk order pricing.

Perfect For...

Label holders provide clear visual identification in a number of environments. They're ideal for code labelling, stock identification, picking locations, and anywhere general information is needed. So, whether it be on racking, shelving, pigeon holes or otherwise, label holders are often used in:
    • Warehouses
    • Factories
    • Storerooms
    • Logistics
    • Production
    • Offices
    • Retail
    • Schools
    • Libraries
    • Museums
Magnetic Label Holders are also particularly suited for cold store environments, such as supermarkets, warehouses, and catering.

Why You'll Love This Product

  • Simple and Successful - just affix to your surface of choice, insert the label, and you're done!
  • Buy Once, Buy Beaverswood® - our label holders are durable and reusable, making them a cost-effective and sustainable option
  • Improve Efficiencies - help staff locate stock accurately and quickly, reducing costly stock-picking errors


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