Extra Large Ticket Holders – 125mm high

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• EXTRA LARGE ticket holders to fit heavy-duty beams
• Larger size gives clear, highly visual identification
• Available in two size widths, but can be cut to any size up to 1m long
• Choose either a self-adhesive or magnetic fixing

Extra large for increased visibility Durable, easy to load and update Ideal for heavy duty beams Large label display, easy identification

Extra Large Ticket Holders

Introducing our 125mm high extra large ticket holders – the perfect solution for heavy-duty and large beam warehouses.

With a larger front face, our ticket holders provide maximum visibility and clarity for your labels. This helps workers quickly and easily identify the contents of each rack or shelf, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.

Each holder comes with blank white card inserts, ready for you to add your own information. Alternatively, printed labels can be provided upon request. Plus, with the transparent PVC cover, barcodes are easily scannable.

Choose from two fixing options:

  • Self-adhesive – offers a permanent solution for fixed locations
  • Magnetic – allows the holder to be easily lifted and moved, and suits chiller/freezer applications.

Our ticket holders come in two sizes, 200mm or 1m long, and can be easily cut to fit your exact requirements. Need more information? Contact our sales office today.

Order now to streamline your warehouse labelling and improve efficiency!

You can also browse our standard-size ticket holders.


What materials are the extra large ticket holders made from?

Durable PVC with a clear front.

How do I attach these ticket holders?

Options include self-adhesive or magnetic.

Are these suitable for large labels?

Yes, with a height of 125mm, they accommodate larger labels for maximum visibility. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty and large beams.

Do they come with card inserts?

Yes, our extra-large ticket holders come with blank white card inserts so you can add your own information.

Can you provide bespoke lengths?

Yes, we can cut these ticket holders to fit your exact requirements - simply request a quote or contact us.


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