Stock Indicator Slider

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  • Two-colour (green/red) system to show stock availability
  • Strong self-adhesive backing
  • Slider is 30mm high x 100mm wide
  • Ideal for use on racking and shelving
Quick stock level indication solution Sliding mechanism, easy-to-read Visual guide for inventory levels Efficient stock monitoring, time-saving
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Our two-colour stock indicator slider is the perfect way to highlight where product stock is running low without the need to view inside boxes.

The rectangular slider allows you to change the stock indicator colour from red to green in one easy movement. Meanwhile, the white side of the slider can be written on (or affixed with a label) to display the product code or stock locations, which aids in stock identification.

Comes with a permanent, self-adhesive fixing on the back.

Available in packs of 50 or 100.

Looking for a 3-colour Coded Stock Indicator System?

Check out our Stock Indicator Wheels, which include a traffic-light green/amber/red system.


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