Stock Indicator Slider

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  • Two-colour (green/red) system to show stock availability
  • Strong self-adhesive backing
  • Slider is 30mm high x 100mm wide
  • Ideal for use on racking and shelving
Quick stock level indication solution Sliding mechanism, easy-to-read Visual guide for inventory levels Efficient stock monitoring, time-saving
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Stock Indicator Slider

In the dynamic environment of inventory management, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. The Beaverswood® Stock Indicator Slider is designed to meet these critical needs, offering a simple yet innovative solution for managing stock levels in warehouses, retail spaces, and storage facilities.


Key Features and Benefits:

Visual Stock Level Indication

Our sliders utilise a two-colour system – red and green – to provide immediate visual feedback on stock status. Green indicates ample stock, while red signals the need for replenishment. This clear, intuitive system simplifies inventory checks, saving time and reducing errors.


Customisable Identification

Each slider features a writable white side, perfect for labelling with product codes or stock locations. This customisation aids in quick identification and tracking of items, streamlining the inventory management process.


Easy to Use and Install

The sliders come with a strong, self-adhesive backing, making them easy to apply to a variety of surfaces, including shelving and racking systems. Their simple sliding mechanism ensures hassle-free operation, suitable for all users.


Durable Design

Crafted with robust materials, Beaverswood® Stock Indicator Sliders are built to withstand the rigours of daily use in busy storage environments. They’re resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Size and Packaging Options

Available in a standard size of 30mm high x 100mm wide, our sliders are designed to be noticeable yet unobtrusive. They are available in packs of 50 or 100, catering to different scales of operation.


Versatile Application

Ideal for a wide range of environments, from large-scale warehouses to small retail stockrooms. These sliders are particularly useful in settings where quick stock level assessments are crucial.


Looking for a 3-colour Coded Stock Indicator System?

Check out our Stock Indicator Wheels, which include a traffic-light green/amber/red system.


What are Stock Indicator Sliders?

Stock Indicator Sliders are simple, visual tools used in inventory management. They feature a two-colour (red/green) sliding system to indicate the stock level of items on shelves or racking systems.


How do Stock Indicators work?

The indicators work on a color-coded system: red indicates low stock or out of stock, and green indicates sufficient stock. The slider can be moved manually to change the colour displayed.


Where can I use these Stock Indicators?

They are ideal for warehouses, retail environments, storerooms, and any place where stock level monitoring is crucial. They're particularly useful for quick visual checks without the need to open boxes or containers.


How do I install the stock level sliders?

The sliders come with a self-adhesive backing. Simply peel off the backing and stick the slider onto a clean, flat surface of shelving or racking systems.


Can I write on these sliders?

Yes, one side of the slider is white and writable, allowing you to label it with product codes, stock locations, or other relevant information.

We can also print to your requirements, saving you the hassle. Just contact us!


Are the sliders durable?

Yes, they're designed to be robust and long-lasting, suitable for use in various environments, including those with heavy-duty usage.


Can I order custom colours or designs?

We may be able to offer customisation options for colours, depending on MOQs. Contact us for more information.

Perfect For...

Stock Indicator Sliders are versatile tools that can be applied across various sectors and settings. Here's a list of industries and environments where they're particularly useful:

  • Warehousing and Logistics: For managing inventory in storage facilities and distribution centres.
  • Retail Stores: Particularly in stock rooms and back-of-house areas to manage merchandise inventory.
  • Manufacturing Plants: To track raw materials, components, and finished goods in different stages of the production process.
  • Pharmaceuticals: For monitoring medication and medical supplies, ensuring critical stock levels are maintained.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Useful in managing medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Libraries and Archives: For tracking books, manuscripts, and archival materials.
  • Educational Institutions: In managing resources like books, laboratory equipment, and teaching materials.
  • Government and Public Sector: For inventory control in various departments such as municipal supplies, emergency services equipment, etc.
  • Automotive Parts Stores: To manage inventory of various auto parts and accessories.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: In warehouses for tracking food items, especially those with limited shelf life.
  • E-Commerce Fulfilment Centres: To efficiently manage a wide range of inventory items for online retail.
  • Construction and Building Materials Suppliers: For keeping track of building materials, tools, and equipment.
  • Office Environments: Managing office supplies and consumables.
  • Technology and Electronics: For inventory management of electronic components and devices.
  • Agricultural Supplies and Equipment: To monitor the availability of farming supplies and machinery parts.
  • Chemical Industries: For safe and accurate tracking of chemicals and related materials.
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities: For managing equipment and gear inventory.
  • Hospitality Industry: In hotels and restaurants for tracking food supplies, linens, and other essentials.
  • Aviation and Aerospace: For managing parts and equipment necessary for aircraft maintenance and operations.
  • Maritime and Shipping: In managing inventory aboard ships and in port facilities.

These sliders are a great fit for any setting that requires efficient and straightforward inventory management, offering a visual, easy-to-update system that enhances the accuracy and speed of inventory checks.


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