The Warehouse is the New Office

The Warehouse is the New Office

Welcome to Beaverswood®!

Beaverswood® is a manufacturer of visual management products, bringing the office products market NEW revenue opportunities.

The warehousing and logistics market is set to continue its terrific growth – so there's never been a better time to diversify your traditional range and start supplying this booming market!

Not only this, but many of our products are suitable for environments outside of the warehouse, such as offices, retail, education, supermarkets, and even the home.


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WEBINAR: New Product Opportunities for Office Product Resellers – Beaverswood in partnership with FusionPlus

WEBINAR: The Warehouse Is The New Office – A Virtual Warehouse Tour

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Did you know we're on FusionPlus?

For dealers using FusionPlus supported systems, please contact your software house to activate our enriched product file and start selling Beaverswood® products today!

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Office Suppliers Are Increasing Their Revenue By Reselling These Beaverswood® Products... Will You Be Next?

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Reasons to Partner with Beaverswood®

We have a long-standing history of partnering with resellers to help diversify their traditional range and support them in growing an entirely new range of products.

Over the years, we've perfected our reseller support strategy, taking all the hassle out of the process so you can focus on serving your customers. This is all backed up by our drop-shipping capabilities, with fast delivery to the UK and Ireland.

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Want To Find Out More?

Our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss our reseller service in further detail with you.

Simply give us a call on 01189 979 6096 or send an email to