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Which is the right protective screen for your workplace?

Which is the right protective screen for your workplace?
With workplaces becoming increasingly prepped for Covid-19 a lot of companies are looking at ways to protect their staff and their customers.

Hand sanitisers, face shields and one-way systems have been widely introduced. But what else can you add to the workplace to improve safety?

Protective screens are an affordable and effective way to reduce personal contact between colleagues and visitors, and in turn, help reduce the spread of airborne viruses.

Let’s take a look at the different options…


Reception Desk Screen (Polycarbonate)

The ideal solution for any workplace that includes a reception, lobby or waiting room.
The screen acts as a face to face protective barrier but allows items and documents to be passed through a small 100mm gap at the bottom – the perfect serving hatch.
As with all the screens on this list, the transparency enables clear clarity, whilst maintaining safety. The screen is easily secured using fixing brackets.


Screen For Receptions

Reception Desk Screen


Office Desk Screen (Polycarbonate)

Suitable for a wide variety of desk types, with various fixing brackets to choose from depending on your desk design.
Ideal for use where office desks are positioned close together or when dealing with clients on a regular basis – offering secluded protection.
These screens offer more ‘all-round’ protection compared to the reception desk screen as they are secured in close proximity to the desk edges.


Office Desk Screen

Office Desk Screen


Office Desk Divider Extension Screen (Polycarbonate)

An extra level of protection, for those desks which already have existing panel dividers. These extension screens offer increased division and protection between colleagues sitting opposite each other.
With fixing brackets these screens are extremely easy to install and offer a condensed safety measure without causing inconvenience or intrusion.


Office Desk Divider Extension Screen

Desk Divider Extension Screen


Floor Freestanding Panel Screen (Polycarbonate)

These freestanding protective screens can be used all around the workplace, either as personal space dividers or to section off parts of the workplace such as kitchenettes, workstations, meeting areas or rows of desks.
As well as being used as large divider panels to segregate workstations, you can also use the screens to create safe walkways and pedestrian routes.
The unique aspect of these screens is that you can create your own freestanding modular system by joining the screens together. This modular feature means that you don’t have to think linearly – they can create 90 degree angles, meaning they can fit into any shape floor space and still work as intended.


Freestanding Office Panel Screen

Freestanding Panel Screens

Modular Office Freestanding Panel Screens

Modular Freestanding Panel Screens


Counter Top Screen (PVC Film)

The PVC counter top screen is similar to the reception desk screen in concept but has the benefit of being easily portable. Featuring a foam plastic frame with a roomy 180mm gap underneath the PVC screen to allow items and documents to be passed through, when necessary. Due to it’s lightweight structure this screen is ideal for provisional use and can be relocated and re-used multiple times, and stored away when not needed.
Ideal for protecting employees and customers at tills and counters, or in the office as a temporary solution.


Counter Top Desk Protective Screen

Counter Top Screen


Table Top Screen (PVC Film)

The table top screen was designed as a portable protective screen to segregate gatherings in cafeterias or meeting rooms.
Using this screen enables a table to be segregated into table-width sections and, in conjunction with social distance seating signs, helps keep people safer in larger, communal seating areas.
Ideal for use in canteens, cafes, restaurants, meeting rooms and many other areas with tables.


Table Top Screens to Segregate Sections of Tables

Table Top Screen



As you can see, there are various screens suitable for various locations within the workplace.

Each of these screens are highly durable, transparent and aesthetic, as well as being easy to maintain (polycarbonate screens can be lifted out of their brackets easily to be cleaned).

Available in standard sizes or custom sizes upon request.

We hope this summary helps you choose the right screen for your surroundings, encouraging a safer working environment.

For more detailed information and all your screen enquiries please contact us.