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5 reasons why your workplace should use the racksack®

5 reasons why your workplace should use the racksack®


Have you heard of the racksack®? Taking workplaces by storm across Europe and the UK, it is the ‘must-have’ investment for the industrial workplace right now. Here are five reasons why so many businesses have bought into the racksack® system.


1. It’s the easiest way to store your waste in an industrial workplace

The racksack® has an intelligent design that allows you to hang it onto industrial racking and shelving easily using simple metal “S” hooks. Across Europe businesses are hanging their racksacks at the end of every aisle, which enables the workforce to ‘tidy as they go’ creating a cleaner and more organized workplace whilst combatting waste segregation at the same time.

2.  It’s space saving!

Because the racksack® hangs onto racking, it doesn’t take up valuable floor space. For many warehouses and distribution centres, space is a common nightmare – there is never enough of it! The great thing about the racksack® is that it doesn’t take up any. Warehouse Managers are freeing up floor space from giant wheelie bins, large recycle units, or ‘waste zones’ and instead using the racksack® which utilizes what would otherwise be dead space.

3. You can be tidy and recycle

Under the EU Waste Management Legislation, embodied in the EU Waste Framework Directive, businesses must take adequate measures to ensure that waste in the workplace is recycled. The racksack® comes in a wide range of designs for recycling – this includes a choice of colours, symbols and waste-related wording. In fact, you can even have your own customization on a racksack® including your own branding, to help you be as specific as your workplace needs to be when it comes to recycling waste.

4. It’s a big cost-saving!

With warehouse wheelie bins ranging from anywhere between £50 to £250+ the racksack® presents a giant cost-saving solution to traditional waste management methods. Retailing at a fraction of the price, you’re getting a much bigger ‘bang for your buck’!

5. racksack® goes beyond the aisle

The racksack® family expands beyond warehouse racking, with the range also including the racksack® rollcage for discarded waste from roll containers and the racksack® trolley for collecting waste on order picking trolleys. There is also the newly designed racksack® clear and racksack® rollcage clear. Think back-of-store, think mailroom, think storage units, think order picking and packing areas, think big industrial workplaces – the racksack® family provides a compliant, space-saving and efficient way for businesses to segregate waste.


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The racksack® family covers waste collection on picking trolleys, roll containers and warehouse racking

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The new racksack® clear and racksack® rollcage clear


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