The Benefits of Using Adhesive Numbers and Letters in Your Workplace


Adhesive letters and numbers as vinyl stickers are a logical and clear way to get organised. From wheelie bins to wagon bays, and from document files to warehouse racks, adhesive labels offer a range of benefits and solutions.

One of the most versatile, multipurpose products you can buy for your workplace is sets of self-adhesive alphanumeric characters. However, though we sell them in bulk for use in commercial settings, we also sell single sheets for anyone else who wants to make good use of letter and number labels.

Why Do Sheets of Stickers ‘Stick Around’?

Despite modern-day reliance on technology and digital devices, the simplest and best coding and categorising systems often rely on a humble sticker. Not least as our quality letter and number markers are incredibly easy to put down, then peel off to change what they say or to move them to a different location.

The human eye is well trained to use letter and number codes to make sense of our world; from house and road numbers to high-vis letters on stadium turnstiles and theatre seats. Having things explained using alphanumeric characters brings a sense of logic and familiarity, and it certainly makes location marking in warehouses as easy as ABC!

Creative Ways to Use Adhesive Letters in Workplaces

What Other Ways Do Our Customers Use Adhesive Letters and Numbers?

We’ve already mentioned these vinyl characters are a common way to label warehouse racking and storeroom areas. They’re also popular for signposting work zones in factories and engineering plants, or coding machinery for instant identification.

Robust and weather-proof letter and number markers can be used for laying out car parking areas, event spaces or lorry bays when the permanent painting is not appropriate.

Larger alphanumeric markers can signpost different entries or doors at your premises.

Many customers use our lettering to spell out important safety messages, the most obvious of which is CAUTION or to place NO ENTRY wording. It’s ideal to spell out one-way traffic systems and you can use vinyl lettering for THIS WAY, KEEP RIGHT AND KEEP YOUR DISTANCE for example.

Medium-sized vinyl labels with characters on can label up storage containers, shelving, and tool holders. Are you looking for the best way to mark up staff, sports or leisure lockers? These vinyl letters and numbers are perfect for that purpose.

Large character stickers are a versatile option for adding information to exhibition stands and other display boards that promote your company. Or use smaller versions to create headers for noticeboards, or to spell out locational details for inspection reports or essential equipment storage.

Another benefit of adhesive vinyl letter and number sets is to categorise and organise work folders and file drawers. Or, use letters to individualise work manuals and tools that belong to specific members of staff.

You can even use these as vinyl markers for wheelie bins, gates and fences at home, as we sell single sheets of adhesive numbers and letters.

Best Way to Buy Adhesive Letters and Numbers

permanent adhesive numbered labels

To keep up with the many purposes of self-adhesive numbers and letters, we sell versions with black lettering on a yellow or white background. This gives employers an opportunity to use the colour options in different ways.

The fact we sell each character on a separate sheet avoids having to buy the whole alphabet when all you wanted was certain letters and numbers significant to your layout or working systems.

Of course, different ways to use alphanumeric vinyl labels involve specifying diverse sizes of characters. Size matters when you need to slot your coding system on to small office items or emblazon it loud and proud on warehouse aisles!

This is why we supply sheets of individual letters and numbers in eight sizes, from 9.5 x 6mm sheets containing 168 easy peel characters, right up to large individual peel-off letters or numbers on a 230 x 140mm backing.

Quality But Low-Cost Adhesive Vinyl Letters and Numbers

Reliable quality is the universal feature of our self-adhesive letter and number labels. They are backed by a firm adhesive, but one that can be removed easily and cleanly from workplace surfaces. No sticky residue!

They won’t peel, wrinkle or shift in varying workplace environments either. Some cheap letter and number labels start to droop when exposed to the slightest heat or moisture.

To make workplace alphanumeric stickers even more cost-effective, ours are strong enough to be reusable too.

Are you ready to order some character markers from us …1,2,3 GO!