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How to implement social distancing in schools

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Social Distancing School Markers

After the latest announcement made by Boris Johnson that UK schools are now preparing for a phased return as early as June we are here to provide you with further information on how you can create a safe environment for staff and students to return.

So how can schools prepare to return safely and implement social distancing?

UK schools are now considering the practicalities of social distancing in a school place.

The GMB Union website gives some practical advice for staff to keep everyone safe and well at school, which includes introducing markers on the floor to remind everyone of the 2m rule.

When you’re considering primary age children, you need to think about visual prompts to communicate with and engage young children. explains Jim Roberts, Product Manager at Beaverswood.

That’s why we have created a range of child-friendly social distancing markers and signs for schools to help them practise social distancing at school during COVID-19

Whilst it’s difficult for classrooms to manage distancing, especially when space is a challenge, there is definitely best practise that schools can adopt. Good hygiene, like washing hands regularly, can be supported with other safety measures.

Top tips to implement social distancing at school:

  • Use visual aids and prompts, such as floor markers, to encourage social distancing
  • Use signage to remind children and staff, at every opportunity, to wash their hands
  • Implement hand washing stations in key places like classrooms, the dinner hall and the playground.
  • Stagger lunch and break times
  • Use visual aids in the playground, such as outdoor stencils.
  • Make sure you’re up to date with first aid supplies
  • Remind parents of social distancing with appropriate signage and stencils

For our full range of social distancing products for schools, including school kits, visit the Beaverswood store

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