Social distancing at work

How to implement social distancing and protecting your workforce during COVID-19

If you’re concerned about how to implement social distancing at work, then this article will help you.

Operating safely and protecting the workforce is absolutely critical. For construction, manufacturing, distribution centres and logistics operations, it’s a seemingly impossible task to follow social distancing measures. With the Government outlining their new advice on workplace social distancing, now is the time to educate yourself and your work colleagues on safety.

Social distancing long-term

The sobering reality is that social distancing will be in place for the foreseeable future. It’s time to consider high quality and long-lasting practices that will only need to be installed once.

8 tips from Beaverswood to implement safe social distancing at work

Beaverswood offers advice and tips on how to implement safe and long-term social distancing measures into the workplace as well as supplying you with safety equipment to ensure your colleagues are safe during hours of work.


Tip #1

Starting with the morning rush to a site, you need to make sure your people are keeping their distance before they enter the workplace. Outdoor floor stencils are a great solution to keeping everyone two metres apart.


Tip #2

Industrial-strength floor markers can ensure one-way systems, mark out specific areas and zones or enforce a two metre distance in the workplace. Shop the full range at Beaverswood.


Tip #3

Personal protection is really key. From hard hats with visors to shielded face masks, there are plenty of options that will suit the relevance of your business.


Tip #4

If you need to segregate workers in communal areas – such as picking and packing zones – then consider floor-standing perspex screens. If you need a bit less permanence or more movement between the areas, then consider rotational perspex screens.


Tip #5

Introduce cleaning stations to prevent cross-contamination and manage infection control. Beaverswood has a full range of shadowboards to help workplaces create best practice.


Tip #6

Stagger lunch breaks and try to keep communal social areas occupied to a minimum.


Tip #7

Desk and counter-top screens provide additional protection to desk-workers. If you have customer-facing or public-facing regular contact, then these are a good cost-effective solution.


Tip #8

If you have a large premise or multiple locations, consult an expert who can recommend and install your social distancing measures. Beaverswood have a team of experts who can help.

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