Industrial magnetic strip tape buying guide

Industrial magnetic strip tape buying guide

Magnetic Tapes, Strips & Accessories are a must-have for many workplaces as a versatile and easy-to-change labelling and communication system. However, our industrial magnetic strip tape buying guide shows you new ways to use them.

For easy-to-update workplace labelling systems – and other communication tasks in warehouses – where would we be without magnets? Industrial magnetic strip tape, in particular, is undoubtedly one of the most versatile products you can buy.

As this is so widely used in many commercial and educational premises, manufacturers of the best magnetic tapes have also developed a growing range of accessories, such as magnetic paper! Making this an even more adaptable way to label, signpost and display information on racking, noticeboards, filing cabinets and a wide range of other surfaces.

Stick around, while we unravel just some of the ways to use rolls of industrial magnetic strip tape to match your labelling needs.

Types of industrial magnetic strip tape

Photo of top quality industrial magnetic strip tape ranging from 13mm to 20mm

It is worth mentioning that investing in top-quality industrial magnetic strip tape is important if you want to re-use it multiple times, and have 100% faith in its reliability.

Beyond that, when buying magnetic tape for workplaces you have two main categories to choose from.

One is unfinished magnetic strips. When you fix sections of this tape to an appropriate surface, it magnetises it. Magnetic self adhesive strips are the ideal way to create memo boards or a handy background to post document holders in plain view. Avoiding the need to drill holes or construct intrusive noticeboards.

The alternative is finished magnetic strips such as the heavy duty magnetic easy wipe racking strip. These are coated in a robust and hard-wearing surface. That coating then enables them to be an easy-wipe-clean surface, when you use dry markers for labelling, for instance. Or, you can add removable labels to this sort of industrial magnetic strip and replace the labels as often as you need to.

More insights on magnetic strip options

Unfinished tape examples and uses

You may have particular labelling and signposting needs in your workplace and locations that make it important to decide how to fix industrial magnetic strip tape in place.

This leads to another set of choices.

You could find a supplier of magnetic self adhesive strips. As the name indicates, you can stick down the tape and create a magnetic surface in minutes. It comes in various widths, to make your life even easier.

Finished magnetic tape examples and uses

Photo of white magnetic strip tape

The various coated or moulded magnetic tape rolls you can buy have a multitude of purposes. However, here are some of the main ways workplaces use them for identification, information posting and directions.

One option is to buy a roll of magnetic label holders. You can purchase rolls in the width that fits best for your location, cut a strip of the length that meets your needs, then instantly create a system to hold white labels.

Similarly, rolls of magnetic easy wipe racking tape have a gloss surface, so you can fix labels to them in a temporary way for a constantly updating identification system in your storeroom or warehouse.

These come in multiple dimensions and colours too, for a creative way to support colour-coded labelling systems.

Lastly, there are times and places when a heavy duty magnetic easy wipe racking strip is the best solution.

What does ‘heavy duty’ mean in this context? This industrial magnetic strip tape is 0.8mm thick. Ensuring it creates a strong bond with the surface and stands up to considerable wear and tear.

That makes this type of magnetic tape – available in 12 different widths – perfect for warehouse racking, and for when you need to re-use this durable labelling surface repeatedly.

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Getting the best magnetic tape and accessories

This is only an overview of the ways to use strong magnetic strips & accessories in workplaces.

It can be equally useful to have other office essentials that possess magnetic capabilities. Other magnetic items we think are office essentials include magnetic document holders. Their magnetic strip allows practical, easy organisation, and makes creating office displays or reminders easy and clear, all whilst keeping documents clean like any other document holder. Some of our favourites are the Clear Magnetic Document Pockets, Magnetic frames4docs and Coloured Magnetic Pockets.

As you will see from our range of items, the possibilities are endless.