4 Uses Of Magnetic Strips In Your Office

Magnetic forces may be scientific and complex, but the advantages of using magnetic strips in your office are really easy to understand. In fact, they can be an ‘attractive’ option for multiple purposes in the office.

Where would we be without magnets? Such an ingenious invention that we now take largely for granted. Even modern technology hasn’t replaced their role in workplaces and homes, including magnetic strips commonly used in offices and schools.

Warehouse magnetic strips are certainly a standard feature, as they help companies to create strategic and clear racking identification systems.

Who invented magnets?

Way back in 1600, a British physician – William Gilbert – concluded that the Earth is a magnet, and you can replicate its gravitational pull by using pieces of iron. However, the discovery of the principle of magnetic force dates back even further, including Roman science experiments and ancient Chinese compasses!

Fast forward to today, and innovative manufacturers have found ways to use magnets in a strip form, to improve workplace efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Including the four uses for magnetic strips in your office we outline below, and lots of other creative uses in stockrooms and warehouse operations.

What are magnetic strips?

First, it would be worth exploring what we mean by ‘magnetic strips’ and the different types of office magnetic strips and accessories available from the best workplace solutions companies.

You will no doubt be familiar with magnetic rack labels and magnetic frames4docs document holders to use on metal surfaces.

However, it is also possible to buy rolls of magnetic tape, in various colours and sizes and with different properties.

The main benefit of these highly cost-effective tapes is that you can use magnetic strips in a multitude of places and for many purposes. All without damaging your product or the surface beneath!

The most obvious application is to provide locational information on warehousing shelving. However, magnetic strips for racking systems can also be a great option for stock rooms, storage areas and even school libraries.

What about innovative office uses for humble but effective magnetic tape rolls?

Uses for magnetic strips in your office

Hanging signs, notices and locational information

One of the reasons this is such a versatile labelling product is that it includes self-adhesive tape that acts like a magnet, enabling you to stick it down on non-metal surfaces and then fix things to it.

Magnetic self-adhesive tape is available in a choice of sizes, and is manufactured to adhere firmly to various surfaces, making it a reliable option. You won’t have to worry about it peeling off easily when used to hold clear magnetic document holders and memo magnets, for example.

Hanging photos and wall art in offices

You’ve no doubt seen all the contemporary research on how a ‘happy’ office is a productive office. Though making your office area a pleasant working environment is actually basic common sense.

So, why not use magnet strips to create an array of visual decorations. This could include providing staff with ways to display photos at their workstation or mounting prints and other artwork around your offices, in a way that can be quickly changed and updated.

No need to drill holes in walls, when you can use magnetic tape!

Easy to change labelling

Keep in mind that it’s possible to find suppliers of magnetic easy wipe shelving strips. That means to make your office organisation system clearer, you could simply cut sections of tape to the length you need, add them to your shelves, racking or filing cabinets, then write information on with a suitable wet wipe marker pen.

You can buy this wipe-clean magnetic tape in a choice of colours and sizes, which can help you to colour code your office storage system, for example.

The cost is low, but this is also a labelling system that is durable and versatile for offices.

Versatile messaging system

As you can buy magnetic tape to write on – then wipe clean to reuse an infinite number of times – you could also develop a handy office messaging system.

For example, wipe-clean magnetic tape on places like your staff room fridge, filing cabinets and doors, can be used to post temporary and constantly updated information.

Wipe clean magnetic tape can also help with stock rotation information if you have fridges or other metal food storage systems.

What’s more, it’s more sustainable than using up lots of paper post-it notes!

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Where to buy versatile magnetic strips

After learning all of this, you might feel ‘drawn’ towards stocking up on office magnetic strips and accessories. Its versatility means it can be used in schools, colleges and public libraries, as well as commercial offices.

Beaverswood offers a wide choice of products, low prices, fast delivery and customer service that may well ‘pull’ you back for more.

Or, if you’re still weighing up your options, you can view our Industrial Magnetic Strip Tape Buying Guide for more information!