We’ve had a makeover!

You may have noticed, we’ve given our logo and website a refresh…



beaverswood new logo making the workplace work smarter since 1984

The new logo represents the modern Beaverswood – using colours to aid our visual communication solutions.

We realised it was important not to opt for a complete redesign, as our longest serving customers have trusted our brand for decades – so we decided for a gentle change, with a modern twist.

The addition of “EST.1984” is a proud nod to our 35 year heritage, and the incorporation of a coloured underline represents our new, innovative products. We firmly believe colour plays an important part in communicating visual messaging in the workplace.

making the workplace work smarter is what we do.

Since the very beginning we have manufactured innovative products that improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the physical workplace. Our vast range of solutions include labelling and signage, waste segregation and 5S visual communication boards. Our products add value in a wide variety of workplaces including warehousing and logistics, factories, offices, education and public sectors.

In conjunction with our new visual identity we asked ourselves, in one simple sentence, what are our goals and objectives, and how can we achieve them?

Our Vision:

A world where we have improved efficiency, safety and sustainability in every workplace.

Our Mission:

We’re on a mission to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the modern workplace by continually innovating simplified solutions, which we deliver with specialist expertise and outstanding service.


beaverswood homepage new website brand laptop screen
As well as the refreshed logo we are making lots of exciting changes to our website.
With a modernized look and easier navigation, we hope you will enjoy the new experience and find exactly what you’re looking for.
We have put a lot of time, research and consideration into how we can best improve the old website, and make the user experience an even better one than before. So over the next few weeks and months, you’ll see lots of positive changes that will make your experience superior.
If you’re a new visitor to the website we hope you’ll stick around! If you’re an existing Beaverswood customer we hope you appreciate the more vibrant look and feel, with the additional benefit of the brand-new reseller portal (coming soon) which has been specifically designed to give you everything you need from us, and more.
If you are interested in becoming a reseller of Beaverswood products please enquire here or contact us.

Amidst the changes, one thing remains the same – we’re still dedicated to helping our customers succeed by providing innovative products, specialist insights and best-in-class support and service levels.
Beaverswood – making the workplace work smarter.

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