Magnetic Numbers and Letters

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A4 Magnetic sheets of mixed numbers or letters, available in 2 sizes and 2 colours, ideal for quick and easy labelling on steel surfaces

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  • Magnetic numbers and letters supplied on sheets as a combination of mixed alpha or numeric digits
  • Two tile heights, either 43mm with a 39mm high digit or 23mm with a 17mm high digit
  • Available with black digits on a white or yellow background
  • Allows for fast & easy labelling on any steel surface
  • Die-cut A4 sheets

Supplied in single sheets of either mixed letters or numbers:

Ref TILE Height Type Colours Contains following characters
M23MIXW/N (white), M23MIXY/N (yellow) 23mm Numbers Yellow or White 0x31, 1×31, 2×17, 3×17, 4×17, 5×17, 6×17, 7×17, 8×17, 9×17
M23MIXW/L (white),
M23MIXY/L (yellow)
23mm Letters Yellow or White Ax12, Bx6, Cx8, Dx7, Ex21, Fx7, Gx7, Hx6, Ix16, Jx4, Kx5, Lx7, Mx8, Nx12, Ox12, Px5, Qx3, Rx9, Sx8, Tx9, Ux8, Vx7, Wx3, Xx2, Yx2, Zx4
M43MIXW/N (white), M43MIXY/N (yellow) 43mm Numbers Yellow or White 0x11, 1×10, 2×5, 3×5, 4×5, 5×5, 6×5, 7×5, 8×5, 9×5
M43MIXW/L (white),
M43MIXY/L (yellow)
43mm Letters Yellow or White Ax3, Bx2, Cx2, Dx2, Ex4, Fx2, Gx2, Hx2, Ix3, Jx1, Kx1, Lx2, Mx2, Nx3, Ox2, Px2, Qx1, Rx3, Sx3, Tx3, Ux3, Vx2, Wx1, Xx1, Yx1, Zx2


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