Racksack Nano Forklift Truck Waste Bag

Introducing racksack® nano: A Revolutionary Waste Bag Solution for Forklift Trucks

Beaverswood® is thrilled to announce the launch of racksack® nano, a cutting-edge waste segregation product designed to revolutionise warehouse waste management. This small and sturdy waste segregation sack is the perfect size to attach to forklift trucks and pallet truck handles. This makes it ideal for collecting paper, plastic strapping, shrink wrap, and other waste generated during forklift operations.

Once full, this forklift truck waste bag can be effortlessly emptied into a standard-size racksack® or straight into the central waste collection point on-site, streamlining waste management processes.

One of the standout features of racksack® nano is its ease of use and secure fixation. It comes with ties at the back and bungee loop fixings as standard to quickly and securely attach it to your location of choice. Additionally, to eliminate any snagging concerns while the forklift or pallet truck moves around the warehouse, racksack® nano comes with a hook and loop fastening on the mouth, ensuring a firm closure.

"We're excited to introduce racksack® nano to the market," said Jim Roberts, Commercial Manager at Beaverswood®, "This product is based on direct customer feedback for a waste bag solution on forklift trucks which eliminates the issue of haphazardly securing black bin liners to the cab enclosure. With its user-friendly design and eye-catching front symbols for easy material separation, racksack® nano greatly improves warehouse waste disposal practices, ultimately leading to a greener and more sustainable future."

racksack® nano is part of the well-established racksack® range, the original market-leading solution for waste segregation in the industrial workplace. This growing family of products delivers a simple and cost-effective system to keep you compliant with UK and EU waste segregation legislation, as well as saving you valuable floor space.

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Key Features of racksack® nano

  • The perfect forklift truck waste bag or pallet truck handle waste bag.
  • Convenient emptying into standard-size racksack® or main waste collection point on-site.
  • Quick and easy fixation with ties at the back and bungee loop fixings.
  • Hook and loop fastening on the mouth to prevent snagging during movement.
  • Eye-catching front designs for effortless waste material separation.
  • Part of an expanding family which includes racksack®, racksack® mini, racksack® clear, racksack® rollcage, and racksack® trolley.

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