10 tips to make your warehouse safer

Top 10 Warehouse Safety Tips

Author: Beaverswood® | Last Updated:January 2024

Warehouses can be potentially dangerous environments and can generate a wide range of risks for employees, which is why we have compiled our Top 10 Warehouse Safety Tips.

Some companies exceed Health & Safety standards which not only shows their dedication to safety but also boosts employee loyalty and aids recruitment. Additionally, it helps prevent productivity problems caused by safety mishaps and oversights, which can lead to delays and disruptions.

To help you improve warehouse safety, here are our Top 10 Warehouse Safety Tips.

1. Create a Strong Signage System

Ensure that the warehouse is equipped with easily understandable and highly visible warehouse signage to effectively convey safety guidelines, emergency exit locations, and areas with potential hazards. By prominently displaying these signs, any confusion can be minimised, and overall awareness can be improved.

2. Regularly assess weight restrictions

Despite the advancements in automated technology, warehouses still rely on manual lifting and carrying to some extent. Back injuries pose a significant challenge for workers in these industries. It is essential to regularly review weight restrictions for your storage racks and lifting mechanisms and ensure that warning labels and staff information are always kept current.

3. Consider shelving units’ maximum weight capacity

Not only is it important to think about weight restrictions when employees are manually lifting items, but you must also consider the weight capacity of the storage rack or shelving unit. If the weight of items on a warehouse shelf exceeds its maximum capacity, it can lead to structural damage, potential collapse, and compromise safety.

The use of Max UDL labels ensure warehouses comply with safety regulations and avoid excessive weight that can cause structural problems. This protects inventory, equipment, and personnel from potential harm.

4. Implement anti-slip measures

Slip and fall accidents are a common danger in industrial settings, causing various injuries such as fractures, sprains, and concussions.

By adopting efficient and cost-effective anti-slip measures such as anti-slip footprints, anti-slip stair treads and adhesive anti-slip tapes, you can establish a safe work environment and minimise the chances of accidents.

Implementing anti-slip measures not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also protects employees and enhances the company’s reputation.

5. Minimise waste and eliminate unnecessary clutter

Minimising waste and eliminating unnecessary clutter in a warehouse is essential for meeting productivity, recycling and space-saving targets.

Racksack® offer a practical solution to efficiently manage waste and maximise storage space. By securely hanging them on different fixtures, they create a clutter-free environment with their spacious open mouth, allowing easy disposal of waste. This not only optimises storage capacity but also minimises the need for additional storage facilities.

Additionally, ensuring the continuous removal of waste and organising it into separate Racksacks contributes to creating a safer workplace for warehouse employees.

6. Implement Warehouse Impact Protectors

It is essential to carefully assess your workspace and identify areas that may require impact protectors such as corners, pillars, doorways, and posts, as they may need to be re-evaluated to safeguard both your vehicles and staff.

By using versatile high visibility materials that are designed to absorb impact, you can effectively shield every edge and corner. Consider incorporating polyWRAP column protectors and safety ends to further enhance the protection measures throughout your warehouse.

7. Keep your Employees Informed

Having logical access to important safety and operational information is extremely important. To ensure that your commercial display boards, health & safety documents, and inspection documentation are well-maintained, it is essential to use the latest products that provide excellent visibility and clarity.

Modulean® shadow boards are the ideal solution for keeping your employees informed of important information as they boost organisation and visual management in the workplace.

8. Arrange Regular Training Sessions

When you’re under pressure to reach performance targets, don’t overestimate the level of your workforce’s understanding and awareness.

It is important to acknowledge that not all individuals retain information or acquire new skills at the same rate. Therefore, implementing continuous staff training modules and refreshers is a sensible approach and can help contribute to the overall efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of warehouse operations.

9. Review Exterior Warehouse Safety

Exterior spaces in warehouses frequently include the movement of vehicles like trucks, forklifts, and delivery vehicles. Reviewing these areas are crucial for maintaining a secure and efficient work environment.

Speed-reducing ramps are effective in reducing the risk of accidents and collisions by slowing down vehicle traffic and creating a safer environment for pedestrians. Alternatively, you could use flexible traffic bollards combined with plastic chains which can help separate traffic and pedestrian routes.

10. Perform Regular Safety Checks

It is necessary to perform both regular and comprehensive safety assessments in your warehouse to fulfil your health and safety responsibilities.

To keep track of this effectively, attach an asset tag marker to each piece of equipment, provide a handy checklist, and establish a system to record inspection dates. By taking this proactive approach, you can ensure the safety of your warehouse environment.

Making the workplace work smarter

All our Top 10 Warehouse Safety Tips share a common theme and that is to have a reliable supplier of high-quality products that ensure effective communication, control, and risk management in your workspace.

Therefore, we recommend browsing our extensive range or contacting us to discuss your safety shopping list.