5 Warehouse Labelling Solutions To Improve Your System

Having a place for everything, and everything in its place, underpins productivity, waste management and safety. Here are five warehouse labelling solutions to enforce lean practices and consistent efficiency.

Designers and manufacturers of innovative labelling products have responded well to the needs of contemporary warehouse operations. Many logistics firms – and stock and dispatch departments in manufacturing companies – need easily readable locational markers suitable for technology. However, they often also still want systems that help human workers to track down items at a glance.

A combination of these locational methods keeps goods stored and moving effectively, and avoids production interruptions and H&S risks when confusion trips up the operational flow.

These labelling aims are why Beaverswood continues to add to its diverse range of signage products and systems. This includes making sure that our range includes both the latest in scannable labels and traditional, tried and trusted signage methods. Such as these five effective workplace labelling solutions.


1. Magnetic Numbers and Letters

Magnetic letters

As most warehouses rely on an intricate web of steel racking to store items, the best ‘coding’ system is a very long-established product; magnetic numbers and letter.

Modern innovation has yet to replace the simple logic of fixing locational aids on racking using magnetic signage. Especially as our robust and reliable alphanumeric characters can be re-arranged and refixed whenever you need to.

By offering different sizes and colour options for magnetic letters and numbers, we help customers to formulate their own coding and tracking systems which can improve their warehouse labelling solutions.

2. Ticket Pouches; self-adhesive and magnetic

Self-adhesive ticket pouches - simple warehouse labelling solutions

Another effective way to update and amend your product labelling and accounting systems in warehouses is to fix magnetic pouches to metal frames. Though we also sell a self-adhesive pouch range for semi-permanent fixing, and to create signage on non-steel surfaces too.

This is another example of how the most adaptable and visible warehouse signage is often based on time served practices. You can slot your data into our strong colour-coded ticket pouches to fix onto shelving, whether that’s scannable barcodes or visual references for your workforce.

We also sell a range of Magnetic Ticket Holders, ideal for identifying locations on shelving & pallet racking.

3. Pallet labels

Labelling items ‘on the move’ is also a vital function within warehouse operations. To make this process more intuitive, we offer adaptable and transferrable pallet markers. These can be quickly slotted on the corner upright of Euro pallets. As they are water, grease and oil resistant, they stay in place and are readable in all environment conditions. Warehouse operatives can use marker pens or adhesive labels to code the pallets according to your business practices and needs.

It makes pallet identification highly visible and easy to update.

4. Easy Wipe Racking Strips

MSRW Magnetic racking strip in use on pallet racking

Some locational signage in warehouses is adjusted several times a week or even each day. For this, we offer an instantly re-writable labelling system for racking. This is in the form of wipe-clean magnetic strips.

We supply this as heavy-duty magnetic tape rolls, that you can fix to steel surfaces instantly. Then, you write straight on to it; instructions, locational data and any other information you need to flag up. When changes are required, you use a damp cloth to wipe it clean and reuse the racking strip tape.

Simple, but it works brilliantly!

5. Location Code Labels

location code label for warehouse labelling solutions

More ‘high-tech’ warehouse labelling solutions involve adhesive racking labels printed with barcodes and other locational data.

Beaverswood offers a service custom printing labels for warehouses, including the option to commission whatever colour, size or even label material that best suits you.

These bespoke locational labels can include your barcodes and arrows to show uprights, for example. They are the ultimate solution to ensuring accuracy and visibility in your storage identification systems.

Warehouse labelling solutions range from traditional to tech-savvy, a sign of the times

Having spent so much time matching the signage needs of so many successful warehouse operations, it is no surprise that adaptable and adjustable labelling is one of our specialities.

However, every customer is different. Feel free to contact us for some individual help in sourcing the right products to keep your warehouse labels and signage instantly legible and efficient. Whether that’s fundamental magnetic markers for racking or made to order computer code labels for warehouses.