Mini Stock Indicator Wheel

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  • Simple 3-colour coded system to show stock availability
  • Ideal visual aid when stock is not easily visible
  • Plate dimensions: 45mm high (55mm overall) x 80mm wide
  • Two fixing options – self-adhesive or magnetic
Visual stock level indication Inventory management, stock monitoring Rotatable wheel, colour-coded indicators Easy attach options Quick inventory assessments, time-saving

Mini Stock Indicator Wheel

Take control of your inventory with the Beaverswood® Mini Stock Indicator Wheel. At roughly half the size of our standard Stock Indicator Wheel, this miniature version is perfect for smaller crates, bins, and shelves.


Key Features and Benefits:

Compact Design for Maximum Efficiency in Minimal Space

The Mini Stock Indicator Wheel stands out with its small stature, making it the ideal choice for managing inventory in confined spaces or smaller bins. Despite its size, it ensures effective stock management, allowing for optimal organisation without taking up valuable space. This compact design is perfect for tight areas where every inch counts, providing a powerful inventory management solution that fits neatly into your space-constrained environment.


Intuitive Three-Colour System for Instant Stock Clarity

Say goodbye to complicated inventory systems. Our Mini Stock Indicator Wheel features a straightforward three-colour system – green for adequate stock, amber for caution, and red for low stock. This intuitive design lets you assess stock levels instantly, ensuring you never miss a beat in inventory management.


Durability Meets Simplicity

Designed with the hustle and bustle of warehouses and retail spaces in mind, our indicator wheels are durable and incredibly user-friendly. A mere turn of the wheel updates your stock status, integrating seamlessly into your daily operations without a hitch.


Customise with Ease

Each wheel comes with a blank, white plate for personalisation. Jot down product names, SKUs, or any pertinent info to keep your inventory organised and at your fingertips. This customisation turns chaos into order, enhancing your efficiency.


Install in Seconds

Forget about complicated setups. Our Stock Indicator Wheels boast either a self-adhesive or magnetic fixing option for painless installation on shelves, bins, or anywhere your stock lives. It’s about making your inventory management smoother and faster.


Versatile Across All Industries

Whether you’re in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, or any field managing stock, these indicators are your ally. They adapt to your environment, ensuring you maintain optimal stock levels effortlessly.


Looking for a 2-colour Coded Stock Indicator System?

Check out our Stock Indicator Sliders – a simple red/green sliding system to highlight stock availability.

Perfect For...

These Mini Stock Indicator Wheels are ideal for various environments and uses.  

Uses within stock control

  1. Inventory Control in Retail Settings – can be used in retail environments to indicate stock levels on shelves. This can help staff quickly identify when restocking is needed, leading to better on-shelf availability and improved customer satisfaction.
  2. Classroom or Office Supplies Management – in educational or office settings, these indicator wheels could help monitor the usage of essential supplies like paper, markers, etc., making reordering or restocking more efficient.
  3. Pharmacy Inventory Management – pharmacies could use these wheels to monitor stock levels of various medications, ensuring critical drugs are always in stock.
  4. Workshop or Craft Room Organisation – those with workshops or craft rooms could use the wheel to monitor the levels of various materials or tools, aiding in maintaining an organised and well-stocked workspace.
  5. Asset Management in Libraries or Resource Centres – can help track the usage of books, electronics, or other resources, aiding in efficient asset management.
  6. Healthcare Supplies Management – healthcare facilities could employ these wheels to monitor the stock levels of essential supplies like gloves, masks, or sanitisers, ensuring a constant supply.
  7. Event of Venue Management – event managers could use these wheels to monitor the usage of items like disposable cups, napkins, or other essentials, ensuring smooth operations during events.

Uses beyond stock control

  1. Task Progress Tracker – indicate progress on tasks or projects – visually track how far along you are towards completion.
  2. Learning or Training Aid – track progress through different modules or topics – could also be used as an interactive tool to engage learners in quizzes.
  3. Maintenance Schedule Indicator – track maintenance schedules for machinery or equipment, indicating when the next service is due.
  4. Mood Tracker – set it to indicate mood throughout the day.
  5. Watering Schedule for Plants – keep track of watering schedules for different plants, ensuring each plant receives water as needed.
  6. Reservation or Booking Indicator – the wheel could be used to indicate reservation status for meeting rooms.


What makes the Mini Stock Indicator Wheel different from standard stock indicators?

The Mini Stock Indicator Wheel is designed for efficiency in tight spaces or on smaller bins, thanks to its compact size. It offers the same functionality as standard indicators but is ideal for environments where space is limited.  

How does the colour system work?

The wheel features a three-colour system: green indicates sufficient stock levels, amber means stock levels need attention, and red signals low or depleted stock. This simple system allows for quick visual stock assessments.  

Can the indicator wheel be used in environments outside of warehouses or retail spaces?

Absolutely! The Mini Stock Indicator Wheel is versatile enough for use across various industries, including manufacturing units, healthcare facilities, and more, making it a valuable tool for any inventory management system.  

Is the Mini Stock Indicator Wheel durable?

Yes, it’s crafted from robust materials designed to withstand the demands of busy environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.  

How can I customise the label on the indicator wheel?

Each wheel comes with a blank white plate that can be customised with product details, SKUs, or any relevant information. This feature helps keep your inventory organised and easily accessible.  

What are the installation options for the Mini Stock Indicator Wheel?

The wheel comes with a self-adhesive backing for easy application on various surfaces. Additionally, there is a magnetic fixing option for even more versatility, allowing the wheel to be securely attached to metal surfaces or fixtures.  

How can the Mini Stock Indicator Wheel improve my inventory management system?

By providing a clear, at-a-glance view of stock levels through its colour-coded system, the Mini Stock Indicator Wheel simplifies inventory management, allowing for quick updates and adjustments. Its ease of use, durability, and customisable labels make it an essential tool for any business looking to streamline its inventory processes.  

Can the indicator wheel be used in outdoor settings?

While the Mini Stock Indicator Wheel is designed for indoor use, its durable construction can withstand some outdoor environments. However, it's best suited to indoor settings where it can provide the most value in stock management.


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