Floor Marking: 4 Products You Need

To put your best foot forward in controlling workflow and managing safety, your floor is an important ‘noticeboard’. Here are four floor marking products to help you to communicate at ground level.

Floor signs and way finders work. It’s a natural human tendency to look where we’re going, so putting essential information at ground level grabs attention.

It’s also a handy Health and Safety messaging option in busy workplaces, where alternative ways to communicate information could be tricky. Too high or too low and messages can get missed, or they can get obscured by racking, shelves, machinery or transitory traffic.

Keep in mind too that eye-level signage competes with other visual input. Whereas floor space can be a clear way to make an important safety symbol stand out.

Of course, it especially makes sense to use floor markings to segregate warehouse vehicles and pedestrians. Or, to clearly show ‘no-go’ zones where risks are high, inside and outside your premises.

Another great thing about using your floor as a noticeboard and way-finder system is that we sell a versatile range of low-cost marking items. So, you can buy floor signs and tapes in bulk.

One of the best ways to make sure essential H&S information is always noticeable is to mix and match floor marking products. For example, using simple graphics – with symbols that are instantly recognisable – as well as tape and adhesive stickers pre-printed with high-impact wording. Or commission made to order floor signs to match your layout and risks.

We can help you map out your available floor space, critical points and safety messaging needs. However, here are 4 floor marking products that are valuable in workplaces.

Half-circle Graphic Floor Markers

Wate recycling floor signs

Floor Graphic Markers are a common sight in many commercial and public areas. They communicate important messages by using universal symbols. In some cases, with wording added to reinforce vital safety info.

However, there are times when risks need to be emphasised in places where circular adhesive floor signs aren’t practical. We sell half-circle graphic floor signs, that can be placed in doorways for example, or flush against walls or other structures. Semi-circular graphics ensure that limited floor space is not a barrier.

They include 20 designs (8 of which are safety symbols with no text); all manufactured using anti-slip laminate tested to R9 standards. You can also order custom floor graphics that are circular and semi-circular.

Social distancing floor markers

SDM - Markers

One of the biggest selling floor sign products is stickers to transmit COVID-19 safety messages. That includes industrial-quality high-vis markers to remind people about social distancing.

Our 1m and 2m versions – available in 11 standard designs including four symbol signs – are slip and trip resistant. This makes them ideal for COVID safety distancing floor signage in diverse locations, including factories, retail outlets, school halls and hospitals.

Floor Lane Marking Tape

Floor Lane Marking Tapes 50mm x 33M

Optimising your workplace layout and indicating hazards can be easy if you apply simple logic, and a roll of high-vis floor marking tape.

This is where you can get creative with your floor markings, by using not just the iconic yellow/black zig-zag tape that indicates risks. These tough, durable self-adhesive tapes come in various colours, to help you to add zoning and waymarking indicators wherever they are needed.

It’s amazing how effective floor tapes are at getting people to walk along clearly marked pathways.

Floor Signal Markers

Floor identification labels

When lane marking tape alone doesn’t do the trick, creative application of alternative floor signs can make safety messages loud and clear.

These include various shapes – such as footprints and arrows – that communicate in a high-vis way. These floor signs can be used to highlight safe routes, and as location markers to show where equipment should be placed for example.

What to look for in floor marking materials

Though all of the above are important H&S purchases, keep in mind that the quality of floor marking products matters. They need to be manufactured using a reliable and resilient adhesive, with a durable finish on the marking tape or sticker.

That way they stand up to considerable traffic and to time. The last thing you want is for this important workplace safety measure to become a tripping hazard! Or, to fade or rip away leaving risks exposed.

Balancing that quality target with finding a low-cost supply of the floor marking products is easy, thanks to Beaverwood’s specialism in safety signage.