Shadow Board Solutions: 5 Safety Options For Your Workplace

There are some vital components of every workplace that often get sidelined or hidden from view. Here, we will look at how you can use shadow board solutions to benefit your workplace and display important materials.

1. First Aid Board

Modulean Lite First Aid Station Kit Shadow Board Green

Accidents happen everywhere, and the workplace can be one of the places where first aid is needed most of all. Even if you have your fully trained first aiders on staff, it can be hard to know where your first aid boxes are in an emergency. At this time more than ever, clarity and ease are vitally important.

With first aid shadow board solutions, your needs will be met in a way that everyone in the workplace can access easily, whether they are trained in first aid or not.

These boards can be easily set up in common areas around your building and come complete with a medium first aid kit suitable for between eleven and twenty people and an A4 black frame where you can keep your own first-aid insert. This can be used to inform people who your trained first aiders are, where they are located, and other handy information.

2. Dry Cleaning Board

Many office spaces or other places of work have cleaners, but sometimes we need to clean up as we go. Whether for your administration staff or your cleaning staff, a dry cleaning shadow board is a good way to have cleaning supplies on hand throughout the building.

Supplied with a coloured band that will correlate to your choice of board, each dry cleaning board comes with a black dustpan and brush. These are must-haves for those little accidents, or just having a convenient way for cleaners to get those last little spots as they sanitise your workplace.

3. Fire Safety Board

Modulean Lite Fire Safety Shadow Board Red

The importance of fire safety cannot be overstated. Not only does having the correct information on display keep everybody educated and safe, but it is also a legal requirement in office spaces. This can also be an important requirement of your building insurance as a business owner.

However, often fire safety information and fire essentials are placed in kitchens where no one thinks to look at them. You can set up a much clearer alternative with a shadow board that comes with a one-kilo powder fire extinguisher, a fire blanket and a fire alarm. This is an excellent way to set up a clear fire safety station in your office or warehouse environment and works especially well in open-plan spaces.

4. Hand sanitiser board

SHB008 Shadowboard

Keeping hand sanitiser in a visible and easily accessible location has become more important than ever in the past twelve months. Now, it is expected that workplaces will provide employees with plenty of opportunities to sanitise their hands and encourage them to do so as frequently as possible.

If you are struggling with how to encourage your staff members to sanitise, hand sanitiser shadow board solutions could be the answer. Unobtrusive within your office space, this board is ideal for reception areas, offices and common areas, as well as a range of other locations such as warehouses and schools.

This board comes with a range of essentials for sanitisation, including foam hand sanitiser dispenser and alcohol-free hand and surface wipes. If your employees have been bemoaning cracked hands, there is even a moisturising cream dispenser to help keep hands protected from germs and undamaged by regular washing and sanitising.

5. Notice Board

Modulean Lite Notice Board with Frames Shadow Board Red

General notices can end up stuck all over the walls in offices. This can lead to damage to the walls, not to mention that many staff members will pass these notices by – both personal and essential professional information – without a second glance.

Using a shadow board as a notice board in a communal area is an excellent way to have a central hub for notices. This board comes with four black A4 frames suitable for high priority notices to be placed clearly in an area that most staff frequent – such as a reception or lunchroom. Never have important information missed by staff again!

Shadow board solutions are a fantastic way to incorporate safety and information stations into your workplace in a way that draws attention and provides clarity for staff. Get in touch with Beaverswood if you require any help setting up your boards in the best way possible.

Easy Ways to Implement Modulean Shadow Boards in The Workplace

We believe the Multi-purpose Modulean Shadow Boards are a workplace must-have. They organise equipment, deliver key information and flag-up missing tools. Which is why we want to discuss these easy ways to implement a Modulean Shadow Board in the workplace.

Workplace innovations always deserve consideration. Particularly ones that serve multiple purposes, ticking off neatness, safety and communications. We are talking about Modulean shadow boards, a creative and versatile way to organise tools and smaller pieces of equipment or to display vital business information.

Beaverswood is a supplier of Modulean Shadow Boards both in standard and bespoke formats. Either is simply genius. Some even come with the essential workplace tools, like fire extinguishers, ready to attach.

What is a workplace shadow board?

Modulean Shadow Boards in a warehouse



The basic concept of a shadow board is a system to store tools and smaller pieces of essential workplace equipment or to display physical information and monitoring system. They are quick to erect and can be moved easily – whether they are free-standing or wall-mounted.

The core boards can include ‘shadows’ to show where an item should be hooked or stuck. So your team can quickly slot tools and equipment into a logical and tidy place. Of course, Modulean Shadow Boards are also great for flagging up when something is NOT there too. You can see at a glance that a key item is either in use or missing.

Another advantage of Modulean Shadow Boards is that both standard panels and made to order boards can display essential information. Or include wipe-clean notice boards or pockets for report and evaluation documents.

As an illustration, Modulean Shadow Boards are the ideal First Aid point. Your kit is hung in plain sight, with instructions on what to do in an emergency. A wipe-clean board or document pocket to chart kit inspections and your accident-free record could also be included.

Assigning a role for Modulean Shadow Boards

SHB009 Eyewash and Accident on a Modulean Shadow Board

You can decide how to use this versatile storage and information system to improve your safety, communication and even productivity.

For example, you could use Modulean Shadow Boards to hold your cleaning equipment, alongside a running tally of inspections and tasks. This is a great way to carry out your COVID-19 infection control activities. All your hygiene materials and reporting system will be stored in one place, easily accessible and clear to see.

The shadow board concept is also a brilliant way to manage COVID-19 awareness and hand cleaning stations for staff and visitors. Reminders about social distancing, masks and handwashing could be displayed alongside board mounted hand gel dispensers.

Alternatively, in a busy office environment or meeting room, you can use Modulean Shadow Boards to hold business targets, sales forecasts, open orders, workplace policies or any other business intelligence that staff need to see daily. Everything in one reference point, ready to be updated or switched around as your needs change.

In high-risk workplaces, a Modulean Shadow Board system could store emergency equipment such as eye baths, burns kits or a biohazard kit. All neatly mounted with important safety information.

Design options for Shadow Boards

Modulean Shadow Boards in an office setting

Once you have mapped out a business priority the next step is to decide specific elements to include. Starting with whether you need a free-standing or wall-mounted system and the best size for your aims. Keep in mind Modulean Lite is a compact shadow board option for tighter spaces.

When building up your shadow board system, baseboards can be specified in blue, green, red and yellow, depending on what your communication or storage aims are. So, red boards for safety equipment for example.

The Beaverswood Modulean Shadow Boards range then offers a mix and match opportunity. It could include, for instance, headers, a notice board, magnetic wipe-clean board, and wet or dry report boards. We are also a supplier of Modulean frames4docs, Rainbow Pockets and other Modulean accessories to kit out your system.

Some boards include the equipment they are designed to store and display, such as a 1-kilo powder fire extinguisher, fire blanket and battery-operated fire alarm for your Fire Safety board. We also sell a coronavirus infection control board that comes equipped with a foam hand sanitiser dispenser, alcohol-free hand/surface wipes, and hand moisturising cream dispenser.

Now that is a neat solution!

Ready to get creative with Modulean Shadow Boards?

Our website shows the standard options within this clever storage and information range. You can also commission boards in diverse configurations and to hold any tools, equipment and information you need upfront and central in your workplace.

When designing your Modulean Shadow Boards to match your business needs, contact Beaverswood so we can find the perfect solution together.

New, Highly Visual Systems For Workplace Messaging

Clear and unmissable communications are vital in any workplace, including accessible notice boards and reference documents. It is information to keep staff safe, productive and focused on operational priorities. So, what’s new? Introducing, highly visual systems for workplace messaging.

Public sector organisations, industry and commerce all still rely heavily on the printed word. There really is no adequate replacement for workplace noticeboards or for hard copies of paperwork mounted so they can be quickly used for reference and recording purposes.

The trick is to avoid this information being overlooked in your workplace. You also need to display it in a way that protects it from constant damage. Even in offices, information displays can be the subject of both accidental and deliberate destruction or defacement. In warehouses and factories, documents and notice boards also have to cope with environmental factors. Have you ever tried writing inspection updates on damp paper?

Fortunately, the designers of commercial display products have taken these issues into account by formulating highly visual systems for workplace messaging. There are new ways to display documents and messages in your workplace, to keep them readable, durable and hard to miss.

This article explores some of the best innovations in workplace communication systems.

Modulean Shadow Boards


Modulean Shadow Boards

Modulean Shadow Boards for your factory floor, office, warehouse or depot.


Shadow boards are a creative, high impact way to signal important workplace information but can also include panels to physically mount equipment needed for everyday maintenance and safety.

Beaverswood is a Modulean Shadow Boards supplier because these products are versatile but also sturdy. You can mix and match to get the right configuration for your factory floor, office, warehouse or depot. That includes adding in clear and highly visible graphics noticeboards, and magnetic wipe-clean boards for temporary information. They provide modules suitable for displaying dry or wet maintenance equipment – with even a pull-down paper towel dispenser. You can opt for a First Aid notice board and equipment holder, or an eyewash and accident station.

It basically means that your business or public building can have all its vital equipment and information neatly stored and accessible, both at the same time.

Modulean Lite


Modulean lite

Modulean lite – Wall mounted, free-standing and mobile solution.

We are also an online supplier of Modulean Lite, a more recent addition to this excellent range of display boards. This smaller version is ideal for more compact work areas, or to focus on one safety or operational message. For example, it can be used as the best way to mount fire extinguishers and instructions, to display first aid boxes or as a system to hold critical waste disposal tools and guidance.

Like the full-scale notice and equipment shadow boards, Modulean Lite can be wall-mounted. However, it can also be a free-standing and mobile solution, so you can relocate important workplace information and equipment to wherever it’s needed.

Coloured Self Adhesive Document Pockets


Coloured Self Adhesive Document Pockets - a Visual systems for workplace messaging

A robust document wallets that can be stuck firmly to different surfaces

When space is tight – or you need to disperse information and reporting systems across a lot of locations – this is a simple but effective display option. You can buy coloured, adhesive document wallets in small numbers or bulk, to match your specific workplace notice needs.

These robust document wallets that can be stuck firmly to different surfaces. They also support colour coded business messaging. For example, red for important safety information or inspection files, green for first aid documents and notices, and yellow for operational materials and assessment forms.

Your everyday business information will be close to hand, easy to see but shielded by a strong plastic cover.

More versatile display options

Beaverswood offers more great ideas for displaying information, reports and equipment in your premises, including Styrene Hanging Pockets for documents on trolleys and racks, ring binders you can wall mount, Frames4Windows and magnetic wrap-around pockets. You can even buy weather-resistant document wallets online, from us.

We only stock workplace display systems that are robust products, designed to be seen but also to stand up well to constant use.

More on the importance of notice boards here.

Modulean® Shadow Board Tool Organisation

Modulean® Shadow Board Tool Organisation

Modulean® shadow boards are a simple and effective way of organising important workplace items. Designed with the ‘5S’ system in mind (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) shadows boards have many benefits, including:

  • Improved productivity
  • Easy traceability of tools
  • Staff accountability
  • Workspace utilisation
  • Value for money

Our Modulean® shadow boards are a highly visual and useful tool (excuse the pun) to keep track of tools and equipment. Having a set location for specific tooling helps prevent them from getting lost and brings staff accountability; to return the tools to their rightful place after use. Shadow boards are also great for creating a focal point (or ‘station’), for example a first aid station. Meaning there is a designated location when looking for the first aid kit in order to deal with minor incidents or emergency situations in a timely manner, causing less panic and confusion.

Modulean® shadow boards are available in various colours (blue, green, red or yellow), with products on display, and optional accessories.

Now available in a Lite version with an optional mobile framework stand.

Continue reading to find out more…

5S lean shadow boards for optimised tool stations and tool tracking

5S symbols methodology

   5S is a workplace organization method that uses a list of five Japanese words: seiri, seiton, seisō, seiketsu, and shitsuke. These have been translated as “Sort”, “Set In order”, “Shine”, “Standardize” and “Sustain”. 6S, a modification of the 5S methodology which includes “Safety” as the 6th S.

Modulean® Lite

Introducing our newest addition to the Modulean® range, Modulean® Lite.
A lighter and more compact set of 500mm high x 500mm wide shadow boards to help improve organisation in the workplace and create stations without taking up too much valuable floor or wall space.

Modulean Lite Fire Safety Shadow Board Red
Fire Safety Board [Red]
Modulean Lite First Aid Station Kit Shadow Board Green
First Aid Board [Green]
Modulean Lite Face Mask and Glove Dispenser Shadow Board Green
Mask And Glove Dispenser [Green]
Modulean Lite Dry Cleaning Station Dustpan and Brush Shadow Board Blue
Dry Cleaning Board [Blue]
Modulean Lite Notice Board with Frames Shadow Board Yellow
Notice Board [Yellow]
Modulean Lite Dry Cleaning Station Dustpan and Brush Shadow Board Green
Dry Cleaning Board [Green]
Modulean Lite Notice Board with Frames Shadow Board Red
Notice Board [Red]
Hand Sanitiser Station Shadow Board Blue
Sanitising Board [Blue]


Designs include:

  • Dry Cleaning Board* – For dry cleaning, consisting of a black dustpan and brush. Each product is supplied with a coloured band to match the board colour of your choice.
  • Fire Safety Board – Supplied with a 1 kilo powder fire extinguisher and battery operated fire alarm.
  • First Aid Board* – Consists of a medium first aid kit (with contents for 11-20 people) and a black A4 frame to take a custom insert.
  • Mask and Glove Dispenser – Consists of an empty face mask box and a glove dispenser for the gloves of your choice.
  • Notice Board* – A notice board consisting of one A4 and two A5 black frames, to take custom inserts.
  • Sanitising Board – Supplied with an alcohol hand gel dispenser and an alcohol-free sanitising wipes dispenser.

[* = Choose from 4 colours]

Modulean® Lite is also available with a mobile framework stand that is 1920mm high x 505mm wide x 400mm long. This framework enables the user to display 4 Modulean® Lite shadow boards (2 on each side). Featuring wheels on one foot for ease of mobility when a change of location is needed. The framework is supplied separately to the boards.

Moodulean Lite Shadow Boards on Black Frame

Moodulean Lite Shadow Boards on Black Frame
Moodulean Lite Shadow Boards on Black Frame
Moodulean Lite Shadow Boards on Black Frame
Moodulean Lite Shadow Boards on Black Frame
Moodulean Lite Shadow Boards on Black Frame

Modulean® Lite shadow boards on the black mobile framework

If the mobile framework is not necessary the boards can also be easily screw-fixed into a wall for a more secure and permanent location.

Each board is supplied with a black self-adhesive title frame, allowing users to customise the header of the board by inserting a custom title or company name/logo.

Hand Placing Insert in Title Frame for Board

Black title frames are supplied with each board allowing for custom inserts

Modulean® shadow boards and Modulean® Lite shadow boards are a vibrant way of stationing and keeping track of important workplace tools.

If you are interested in Modulean® please click one of the links below ⬇

Click HERE to find our more about Modulean®…

Click HERE to become a reseller

Organising the Industrial Workplace for More Productive Workflow

Organising the Industrial Workplace for More Productive Workflow.

Workplace organisation is a visual and physical method of correctly organising the workplace. It ensures that only required material and equipment is present and that it is stored in a manner that aids the efficiency of the production facility or workplace.


Workplace and Stock Organisation


It goes without saying that labelling the workplace makes life a lot easier when searching for specific inventory or paperwork.

In the industrial workplace you can label shelving, racking, bins, boxes, trays, cupboards, folders… anything and everything!

Label holders and ticket holders are the most common and cost-effective method of labelling within the workplace.

Our label and ticket holders are available with a magnetic or self-adhesive backing which allows the holder to be fixed to either a magnetic receptive surface, like warehouse racking, or to a non-porous surface like wooden shelves in offices.

Labelling also improves stock control and logistics. Simply fix the labels underneath the relevant inventory and they will instantly be easier to locate.


Self-adhesive peel away fixing


Magnetic attachment fixing



Waste Organisation


Industrial workplaces get through tonnes of waste. Keeping your waste segregated not only helps the environment but it also keeps the workplace safer by preventing slips and trips on casually discarded waste.
If recycling is important to you then segregating waste into categories is an essential process of helping the environment. Having waste collection units designated for mixed recycling (or more specific waste products like plastics, cardboard, metal etc) is good practice for the workplace. Waste can often be a by-product-afterthought of the manufacturing, packaging and logistics process but within every industrial setting it is accumulated significantly every working day. Not only is abandoned waste an eyesore, but it can also cause genuine and painful slip and trip hazards for pedestrians. We have a solution for this: racksack®.

The racksack® is easily attached to end-of-aisle racking and shelving with metal ‘S’ hooks, saving valuable floor space.

Organise your industrial waste into categories. The racksack® was designed specifically to help facilities to segregate industrial waste. Designs include:

  • General Waste
  • Mixed Recycling
  • Mixed Paper & Card
  • Plastic Only
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Plastic Strapping
  • Glass
  • Wood & Timber
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminium
  • Metal
  • Electrical


In addition to the racksack® we also have racksack® trolley which is designed to fit onto standard order picking trolleys enabling the user to collect waste as they go, as well as the racksack® rollcage which, similar to the racksack® trolley, is designed to be attached to a rollcage container to easily collect waste on the go.


The blue and green racksack® on the end of warehouse aisle racking, and the various waste design prints


racksack® trolley and racksack® rollcage – designed to help collect waste on the go!


Tool Organisation


Shadow boards are a simple but effective way of organising important workplace items. Designed with the ‘5S’ system in mind (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) shadows boards have many benefits including: Improved productivity, easy traceability of tools, staff accountability, workspace utilisation and value for money.

Our Modulean Shadow Boards are a highly visual and useful tool (excuse the pun) to keep track of tools and equipment. Having a set location for specific tooling helps prevent them from getting lost and brings accountability to return the tools to its rightful place after use. Shadow boards are also great for creating a focal point, or ‘station’, for example a first aid station, meaning there is a designated location when looking for the first aid kit to deal with minor incidents or in an emergency situation, causing less panic and confusion.

The Modulean Shadow Boards come in various colours and accessories, and is now available in a ‘Lite’ version with an optional mobile stand.


5S lean shadow boards for optimised tool stations and tool tracking


Safety Organisation


Clearly indicated safety signs and instructions are an essential feature for workplace health and safety in many professional working environments. Identifying company safety policies, procedures, routes and locations is important for the safety of staff and visitors on any premises, especially industrial settings. With safety in mind, high visibility signage is a must.
Health and safety is a company responsibility for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare and occupational risks. A simple, highly visual signal or framed sign can help comply with all of these responsibilities.

We offer a wide range of floor signals, signs and document display products (pockets and frames) to help emphasise and clearly display important messaging and safety protocol information. Available in various colours for colour coding.

Floor signals, markers and Frames4floors™ offer highly visual and easy to understand instructions. Made with tough, durable PVC material these floor products are designed to be able to withstand everyday pedestrian and vehicle traffic, with an aggressive adhesive backing suitable for application onto clean, flat, sealed surfaces. Floor signals are a simple way of highlighting walkways, traffic flow, pallet positions and general marking on the floor. Floor markers and Frames4floors™ are ideal for permanently displaying important information.

Document pockets and Frames4docs™ highlight and accentuate important information which can be changed frequently on notice boards or communal areas.This is not only for safety organisation, productivity can also be improved with the display of reports, targets, rotas, even daily quotes!


Frames4floors and floor signals, Floor marking products combined to mark out and identify areas of the warehouse floor

Floor signals and Frames4floors™ can be used to mark locations and display visual messages


Frames4docs™ on a notice board to help emphasise important information with colour coding


Organisation is a safe, clean, neat arrangement of the workplace which provides a specific location for everything, and eliminates anything not required.


For more information about implementing effective organisation solutions in the workplace, please contact us.



MODULEAN™ – Without A Shadow Of A Doubt


MODULEAN™ Shadow Boards offer a unique modular system, with stand-out design and practicality.

Focused on easily accessible items which are simple to use – the silhouette on the boards encourages users to return the items once finished.

Ideal in a number of different environments, from offices and schools to warehouses and retail.

Read on to find out more…

5s 5 s Lean system sort set in order shine standardise sustain safety modulean shadow boards logo
MODULEAN™ modulean shadow boards logo blog 5s lean system vis comm boards

5S Lean

The goal of the Modulean™ shadow boards is to improve the maintenance of the environment using the 5S lean system.

What is 5S? 5S represents Japanese words that describe the steps of a workplace organisation process, the Japanese words include: seiri, seiton, seisō, seiketsu, and shitsuke – These have been translated as “Sort”, “Set In Order”, “Shine”, “Standardise” and “Sustain”.

Each “S” represents one part of a five-step process that can improve the overall function and safety of a business. Some might argue that “Safety” is the sixth step; 6S!

Over time, the 5S system has many benefits, including:

• Reduced costs

• Increased productivity

• Greater employee satisfaction

• A safer work environment

Board Designs

The Modulean™ boards are currently available in 7 designs:

Board 1 – 5S Information Board is a general information board for 5S and lean management with an A3 black frame for your own notice

Board 2 – Notice Board consists of 4 x black A4 frames for your own A4 inserts

Board 3 – Magnetic Easy Wipe Board  is a blank white board with a dry wipe write on surface

Board 4  Cleaning Board Dry is for dry cleaning – consisting of a black dustpan and brush with a coloured band matching the board colour of your choice (Blue, Green, Red or Yellow)

Board 5 – Cleaning Board Wet consists of a centre pull dispenser and space for a cleaner bottle of your choice (paper towels and cleaner bottle not included)

Board 6 – Cleaning Board XL consists of 2 connected boards with a mop, brush bucket and ‘A’ frame floor sign, with an A4 yellow and black chevron frame to insert your own warning information. Supplied with a coloured band matching the board colour of your choice (Blue, Green, Red or Yellow)

Board 7 – First Aid Board consists of a wall-bracketed medium first aid kit (with contents for 11-20 people) with an A4 black frame for your own first aid sign

MODULEAN Shadow Boards

5s shadow boards full range display modulean modulean™

Each board is 750mm square which allows for multiple boards to be placed together. Supplied with fixings and a black title panel which allows you to insert your own printed header for the board.


A great example of the modularity of the shadow boards would be combining the Dry and Wet Cleaning Boards with the XL Cleaning Board to create a professional cleaning station. Offering a complete maintenance framework for constant shine!

How to maintain your workspaces might seem clear, but it’s important to show employees which cleaning tools to use, where cleaning materials are stored, and how to clean equipment properly, particularly if it’s equipment or surfaces that could be easily damaged. To help support 5S practices, make sure all employees receive adequate training about their designated area’s 5S procedures.

Professional Cleaning Station

5s shadow boards display modulean modulean™ cleaning station janitor toilet maintenance cleaning boards

 Vis Comm Boards

Vis Comm Boards are a part of the Modulean™ system and fall under the safety and standardise modules – they include the 5S Information Board, the Notice Board and the Magnetic Easy Wipe Board. These three boards are designed specifically to display important information to employees. The Easy Wipe Board has the additional benefit of having a magnetic receptive surface, as well an easy wipe gloss finish.

modulean 5s 5S lean information board a3 frame insert what is 5s system? shadow boards vis comm boards

5s lean notice board 4 A4 frames 4 docs modulean shadow board vis comm board

modulean 5s lean system easy wipe magnetic whiteboard shadow boards vis comm boards

modulean 5s lean shadow boards office meeting room notice board easy wipe magnetic board 5s lean system explained vis comm boards


Having exhibited MODULEAN™ to great feedback at the International Material Handling Exhibition, hundreds of visitors were keen to implement the boards in their own workspaces. The proudly displayed Modulean™ stand allowed special guests to see the quality and benefits of the modular system.
There are already intentions to expand the range with new shadow board ideas and designs being suggested daily! This reaffirms the fact that this is an innovative product that has the opportunity to keep evolving.

.modulean MODULEAN 5s lean stand exhibit IMHX international material handling exhibition shadow boards display


Modulean™ has taken away the need (and the headache!) for custom-built shadow boards, by creating a range of boards that are widely used across the workplace, removing a great deal of expense and time that is associated with purchasing other shadow boards. These simple-to-store, simple-to-transport and simple-to-install boards are available in a standard range that covers the full spectrum of the 5S lean process – sure to fulfil any company’s requirements of a shadow board.

Modulean™ is pioneering – without a shadow of a doubt.